Twice Moved For The Waters





 Today very few of the original Mardalians remain, or any of their children remember the flooding of the valley back in the 30's, Mardalian's, Mr      John Henry and his sister Marjorie remembered it better than most, for their father, once owned and farmed Chapel Hill before the flooding.             


 The time for them to move loomed ever closer, so the whole family upped sticks and moved into their grandfathers farm in neighbouring Wet             Sleddale.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 After comfortably settling in here, they heard later that included within the area of the 110,00 acres of land bought from Lord Lonsdale for the sum   of 130,000, was the Wet Sleddale valley, and the cruel hand of fate was dealt them again, they had to move out again, to make way for the                building of a second dam, which would supply Mardale with an emergency top up, should it be needed.                                                                             

 There was also talk of raising Haweswater dam by a further hundred feet, but nothing came of it, instead with the help of the Nuttall engineering        company and 400 men they re-directed the beck's of Heltondale, Swindale  and Naddle via two huge tunnels into the reservoir.                                    

 Today when the water level drops dramatically, they are forced to pump in up to 100 million gallons daily from Ullswater lake, which eats up the equivalent amount of electricity as wood a small town containing 40 thousand houses, this is frowned upon by the NRA, because a water shorted in the rivers on their patch, causes all sorts of environmental problems to their rivers ecology.

 Today we live in a more tolerant society, where each and everyone has a say on how their lives are run, not the case back in the 30's, and today as it has always been, freedom is still the major need of civilisation, then why are our lives controlled so.