The People of Mardale




 Rodger Whoofe and his gang on a walling day out, From left to right are Mr Fred Kitching, George Bell, Roger Woofe Gerard Hindmarch, George Hindmarch, who worked the horses for his uncle Tom at Grove Brae Farm, far right unknown ?, the Dun Bull Hotel can just be seen below and behind the two left men.


 Haweswater United showing off their trophies.

 Back row, Tim Scott, Jim Fountain, Joe Riddout, George Thompson, Frank Millican, Joe Fannel, Jim Lewis, Pat Murdock, Jake Watson, Harvey Weightman, Bill Johnstone, Lady Marie Stanley, Bob Shields.

Front row, Bill Rowlings, Jim Cook, Harry Toone, Alfie Bell, Tommy Moore.





 Above are the two team mascot's Tommy Moore right and Billy Rawlins left, showing the team colours.



 The final hunt from the Dun Bull Hotel, November 1935, The Ullswater hounds are present, not many happy faces here today, but many a happy memory for sure.

 Pictured are, (Girl) Miss Betty Bell of Grove Brae, (Whip) Tom Robinson, Girls father Tom Bell of Grove Brae, Jim Brennand, William Moore, Dan Lamb, Lantry Noble, Ria Kitchen, Mrs Preston, Maurice Bell, Dun Bull Landlord  Bob Daffurn, Ernie Thompson, (Boy) Stanley Hodgson, Jim Brennand, (Huntsman) Joseph Weir, Mr Atkinson, To Edmondson, (Boy) Colin Bell, Jack Hodgson, George Bland, Jim Wilkinson, Mrs A. E. Lowther with cane, Freddie Kitchen, Johnnie Edmondson, Mr. T. B. Nelson, Walter Parkin, Doctor Jim Thompson, Far right, against the old car Unknown ?



 Above is another meeting mainly of Mardale residents, at the centre is landlord Bob Daffurn and the right of the three ladies is Edith Bell of Grove Brae farm, with her daughter Betty in front of Maurice Bell in his shirt sleeves.



Above is little Miss Luc Bell and her father Maurice, and the village postman Mr Ronnie Scott on the right, he was Mardale 's last posty, still donning his bicycle clips, his round took him the entire length of Mardale, reaching the Dun Bull by 11.30am in the morning, he was not due back at the depot until  2.30 in the afternoon, which gave him plenty of time to help out at the Dun Bull Hotel, .

Ronnie took over from Larry Coulston as postman, who both helped out with the dipping, clipping and just about everything else around the farm, Bob Daffurn couldn't afford to pay him any money for his troubles, and returned the favour with a few eggs some mutton and a jug or two of their best ale, on more than one occasion he was helped back onto his bicycle by Tom, when asked what he was doing laying in the gutter, he said , that corner wasn't there when I came past this morning.



Mardale shepherd Isaac Cookson and his sturdy Lakeland pony, he worked on many of the farms throughout Mardale for over forty years, and is famous throughout Lakeland, he also attended over 60 Mardale hunts.