Other Views of Mardale


 This view shows the top end of the valley, with the Dun Bull Inn bottom left and Brakenthwaite

 Farm across the beck


 One of the tranquil bays along the western shore line of Low Water, with the short horn cattle grazing


 Taken just before the dam was plugged in 1940, both new and old roads can be seen opposite each other

 the old road is to the right of shot


 Looking south along the lake, with the boat house on the western shore of Low Water


 Showing the hub of the community, Chapel Bridge and Chapel Hill Farm in the centre and Riggindale Farm on the right

Hopgill beck can be seen gushing down next to the farm track which lead to Grove Brae and Goosemire.


 Another view of Measand delta jutting out across the lakes to form the area called the Straits


A winters scene of the dwellings right at the top of the valley, The Dun Bull left, with Grove Brae just visible below amongst the trees, Goosemire Farm bottom right and Chapel Hill above that, with Chapel Bridge between them.


 A better view of the Holmes residence, with the Dun Bull in whitewash 


 Sunday worship Aug 9 1930 with the congregations cars parked along the lane side, Chapel Hill farm made Tea and cakes,  Notice the sign in the front garden.


 Looking across to the eastern shore with Walla Crag towering above the lake.