The New Road





 Starting from the northern end of the valley this scene shows the new road being constructed through the centre of Thornthwaite Mill , while lies just past the wooden bungalows at the junction with Burnbanks.



 The next picture shows some of the machinery used, the crane on the left is lifting stone from a quarry that sits on the water side  of the dam, very near to where the outfall comes in from Swindale, when the water level was at its lowest in 1984 this area is quite dangerous, paddlers could be taken by surprise as there is a sudden drop off of very deep water right where the quarrying took place.



 A little further south along at the point where the road reappears from Naddle forest, which consists of some of the last primeval oak forest native only to the Lakeland.



 Taken opposite the Measand area of the valley, with Measand Hall surrounded by large trees in the background.



 Approaching the highest part of the road along the valley above Goosemire, in between the two steam rollers is George Hindmarch with the horses belonging to Tom Bell of Grove Brae, from here the road runs down hill towards the corner bridge of Hopgill with its magnificent falls on your left.



 A view of the upper middle part of the valley with the screes of Flakehowe and the Parsonage below them on the opposite side of Mardale.



 The end of the road at the southerly end of the valley lies the new cark park, today the car park is double the size, this was done to enlarge its capacity as the area became more popular, the stone for the extension came from a huge landslide which cut off the road blocking in peoples cars, who were lifted to safety by helicopter.