Memories of Mardale





Above was Hannah's home Flake Howe Farm, with the lake of High Water behind in the distance.


Hannah Newton originally Hannah Edmondson was born in 1888 and lived in Mardale until her marriage in 1915 to Mr William Newton of Knipe, where they farmed at Howgate foot and then at Grange Farm, Bampton Grange.    

Hannah visited the valley again during the great drought of 1976, when most of the old valley came into view once again.

Her parents remained at Flake Howe Farm until the mid thirties, where after Hannah and her husband  Mr. Jack Lancaster, took over and farmed Flakehowe, right up until the flooding, before moving to Hesket New Market in Westmoreland.


Hannah recalls sheep shearing time, when one could rely on ones neighbours for helps, then repay them all with a nights feast and jollification, "such happy times" she said.

Like others from the valley she was a regular attendee at Holy Trinity church, sometimes playing the organ for pleasure and singing in the choir, whenever someone was absent.

Upon her husbands death she lived with her son-in-law and daughter Jack and Ethel Taylor of Beacon street Penrith, but being a self sufficient person, she preferred to live by herself, first in Mill Terrace then at Robinson Yard Penrith, until passing away at the age of 96.

Thomas Edmondson's other children, apart from Mrs Newton and Mrs Lancaster, one died whilst only a child, Mary Jane became Mrs Coulson wife of the postman and later a resident of Askham, others were, Mrs Ada Jackson, Braithwaite, Shields, Southwaite, Mrs Annie Nicholson of Rosgill, Hannah was Buried at Bampton church and is survived by her daughter, Mrs Ethel Taylor and family.