Mardalian Lament




Mardale Today



The Farmsteads are empty their roof-trees all Gone

The strong hardy dales men have left Yan by Yan

There's now't left to show where their old dwellings stood

Save whitening on stone deep 'neath the flood

Dear were its forests where we wandered so free

Or rested a while on some ald fallen tree

Loved were t'ald meadows leading down to the shore

No fair maid of Mardale will tread there no more

Its quaint larle church nestling under t'ald yews

Was plundered of alter pulpit and pews

The sacred dead laid to rest there for aye

Will hear the last triumph some place far away

The Dun Bull has gone no more shall we rest there

 Its larders are empty its cupboards are bare

The rooms where we revelled for ever are lost

No more shall we feast there recking the cost

So Mardale farewell  for those strangers have robbed thee

Of all that was dear to my comrades and me

Of forest and church and Dun Bull we're bereft

High Whelter's gaunt gables are all that is left

When't watter's fall low, once again thou shall see

The true road of Mardale winding down'the valley.