The Mardale Medallion





 The rock above is hewn of rough slate, it once stood built into the road side wall adjacent to Low Whelter cottage, which itself stood half way between the school at Measand and Holy Trinity church, the medallion was thought lost below the flood waters, that was until a local resident and her dog found it lying at the base of the dam covered over with many years of moss and leaves.

 Living at High Whelter cottage in 1785 was the school master of the day, Rev, R I Hebson, it was he who carved the medallion upon it, the carving depicts the school's benefactor, one Richard Wright, who so loved and  visited the valley on holiday for many years, he also commissioned the plaque that still stands over the tiny porch section of Walmgate Head cottage, see Measand school.

 It seems that a dam worker who knew what it mean't, placed it there before the waters could cover it, the photo's shown here were taken by a Burnbanks local who if not had done, all would now be lost for ever, as the wear from wind and rain has all but eroded the image completely.

 The stone can still be seen standing in the wall outside Walmgate head cottage, which is a copy of old school taken down and rebuilt there, see more about the school in the Measand school link.