Mardale Farmer Goes Missing


About a hundred years ago, a well known Mardalian and respected local farmer Mr. William Martindale went missing without a trace, this is the story as once told by a relative.
The person in question was Mr. William Martindale of Flake Howe farm Mardale, he was a well to do farmer of middle age, widely known, his family life was a happy one, with an affectionate wife and loving children of which there were three young boys and a daughter.
He took what money he had in the coffers, which come to about fifty pounds, and early one morning, simply mounted his horse and rode away, never to be seen again.
His steed was found in a stable at Kendal, to get there might have taken one of several routes, 1. via Nan Bield and through Kentmere, 2. via Gatesgarth pass and through Longsleddale, or 3. and the longest route via Bampton Shap and over the fells which would take many hours and the most likely chance of being seen on the day.
If he was murdered soon after starting out, this would account for no one seeing him, then why would his killer take his horse to Kendal.
If he was murdered shortly after arriving at Kendal, why would that person take such a recognisable horse and sell it, he would be identifiable for sure, again if this was a pre-planned disappearance, what was that motive, and, again, why stable his horse instead of selling it?
Against the theory of a planned flight are the facts, that he loved his life in Mardale, and no preparations was in evidence and that he left his only substance of money and the comfort of existence behind him, taking with him such an amount of cash that might seem reasonable for any farmer of the day, who was likely to come across a good deal.
There are questions one would like to ask, what day was the horse stabled, at which hotel, who took charge of the horse when it was handed over, this person must have seen him or his killer, face to face.
By now most of the people around in those days have passed away, there might be some relatives left around today, who might have special information to help solve this old case, the old notes for the enquiry might still be in existence today, they would most definitely make very interesting reading.