Last Landlady of the Dun Bull







 Miss Clare Bellas was born in 1910 at Stainton, where her father and mother, John and Emma farmed, the family  later moved to Strickland and then on to Bampton Grange where they became the new licensees of the Crown and  Mitre Hotel.

 In 1933 Clare married Mr Harold Hazlehurst and for a short time they lived and worked in Kendal, then in early  1935 they moved into the Mardale valley where Clare became the last and final landlady of the Dun Bull Hotel,      until the flooding of the valley.

 With all under water Clare was asked by Manchester Water Corporation to take over the newly built Haweswater  Hotel, the hotel soon became famous and earned a reputation for fine cuisine, especially during the war years.


 Then in 1955 Clare moved to Morecambe where they bought the Belle Vista Hotel, which also proved to be very popular, in 1961 after her divorce to Harold, she remarried Mr George Edmonds and after several more years at    Belle Vista they retired from the hotel business and continued on a small scale selling day trips and excursions in    the area, her second husband Harold died in 1981, and Clare lived on in Morecambe until she passed away in September 1996.

 Her four sisters and two brothers predeceased her, Clare is survived by nephews Gerald and David Bellas and       niece Freda Richardson (Nee Bellas), who all live locally and George and Guy Lancaster who now live at Bolton     and Bournemouth respectively.